“Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez” By Kathleen Krull and Yuyi Morales

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Ages 4+; 48 Pages; 11 W x 9 H

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Learn about the true tale of Cesar Chavez from being bullied as a youth to his triumphant accomplishments as a labor leader. Beautifully written and illustrated this book is great read for all readers but best for ages 4-7 years old.

Cesar Chavez was one of America’s most inspiring civil rights leaders. When he led a 340-mile peaceful protest march through California, he ignited a cause and improved the lives of thousands of migrant farmworkers.  Cesar wasn’t always a leader. As a boy, he was shy, soft-spoken, and teased at school. He lived in ramshackle sheds and slaved as a field hand for barely enough money to survive. But he was also smart. He knew things had to change. And he thought that–maybe– he could help them change. So Cesar took charge. He spoke up. And an entire country listened.

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