“Gathering the Sun: An Alphabet in Spanish and English” By Alma Flor Ada and Simón Silva

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Ages 4+; 40 Pages; 9.3 W x 11 H

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With brightly colored illustrations, the author presents the letters of the alphabet with simple poems that coincide with the fruits and vegetables picked by people who work hard to provide food to all families, as well as their own.

In simple words and sun-drenched paintings, Alma Flor Ada and Simón Silva takes us into the fields and orchards, and into the lives of the people who work them. Using the letters of the Spanish alphabet as a template, Alma Flor Ada has written twenty-eight poems that celebrate honor and pride, family and friends, history and heritage, and, of course, the bounty of the harvest. Rosa Zubizaretta’s translations reveal in English the emotional heart and underlying truth in each poem. The artist, Simón Silva, grew up in a farmworkers family, and his extraordinary illustrations speak to us  directly from his own childhood. Awash with light, they will touch your heart  no matter what your age.

9.3in x 11in


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