“C is for Change: The Story of Cesar Chavez” By Arlene AR Williams

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English and Spanish

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C Is for Change is a versatile book that appeals to multiple ages and reading levels. The bilingual (English/Spanish) children’s poetry is for all reading levels, and the accompanying facts and quotations allow more advanced readers to delve deeper into the exciting story. Substantive quotations of César Chávez help make his inspirational words more accessible to young readers. Intriguing resource pages provide readers the opportunity to explore historical content and experience the life of this civil-rights hero.

“The children were always precious to Cesar… C is for Change is building a foundation of hope… allowing youth to dream a better world and giving them an example of a man whose legacy continues to help us work to make our dreams a reality.”

A portion of the book’s Proceeds will benefit: The “Cesar Chavez Foundation” and The “United Farm Workers of America”!