“The Life of Dolores” By Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein

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“Born April 10, 1930 in New Mexico, Dolores Huerta is a labor and civil rights activist. Her inspirational journey began at a young age when she saw firsthand the unjust treatment of farmworkers, migrants, and people in her community. Dolores, along with Cesar Chavez, helped organize  the Delano grape strike in 1965. After the strike, Dolores became a key figure in negotiating better pay and working conditions for farmworkers. To this day, Dolores continues to fight for the rights of women, children, immigrants and Latinx community.”

A bilingual children’s picture book and biography of Dolores Huerta, the UFW labor leader and civil rights activist. Great for babies to new readers, this beautifully illustrated and written book will teach your kids who Dolores Huerta is, and how she shaped American history.

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