“Boycott Blues: How Rosa Parks Inspired A Nation” By Andrea and Brian Pinkney

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Ages 4+; 40 Pages; 9.7 W x 11.6 H

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Rosa Parks took a stand by keeping her seat on the bus. When she was arrested for it, her supporters protested by refusing to ride. Soon a community of thousands was coming together to help one another get where they needed to go. Some started taxis, some rode bikes, but they all walked and walked.

Andrea Davis Pinkney and Brian Pinkney present a poignant, blues-infused tribute to the men and women of the Montgomery bus boycott, who refused to give up until they got justice. Written like a song, this children’s book is great for creating a fun way for kids to learn about the Montgomery bus boycott started by Rosa Parks from 1955-1956.

“This story begins with shoes.
This story is all for true.
This story walks. And walks. And walks.
To the blues.”

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