Jr. Ranger USA Map of The National Parks Jigsaw Puzzle w/ 100 pieces

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If you want to see animals both large and small, look no further than America’s National Parks. President Ulysses S. Grant dedicated Yellowstone as the first American National Park in 1872. Today our National Parks make up more than 52 million acres and protect over 5,000 different species. These protected habitats allow endangered and threatened animals to survive, and sometimes return from the edge of extinction. This puzzle explores some of these National Parks and the animals that reside there, all laid out on a map of the USA which makes this a great activity for kids who want to learn about National Parks, animals, and what being a Jr. Ranger means to them! With a finished size of 19” by 14” and 100 pieces this puzzle is suitable for children ages 6 and up.

Each piece is 2” by 1.5”

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100 pieces, 1000 pieces